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Bright Smiles, Bright Futures®

Reaching Half a Billion Children Around The World with Oral Health Education.

Colgate, the world leader in oral care, has been committed to providing oral health education to children for more than 75 years. Our Bright Smiles Bright Futures™ global oral health education program, the most far reaching program of its kind in the world, has provided 500 million children in 80 countries with vital oral health education and preventive treatment.  Now in its 20th year, Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ proudly continues its mission - promoting healthy oral health habits, strengthening the self-esteem of children, and establishing a foundation for a brighter future.

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Join Colgate-Palmolive Philippines in celebrating Oral Health Month

Every year , Colgate partners with the Philippine Dental Association to aim for ZERO CAVITIES! This campaign educates Filipino families about the importance of proper oral care.

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