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Art Gallery: Australia

Yvonne, Age 9
East Blaxland Public School
Blaxland East, Australia

My home is in Australia, where there are a lot of great singers and swimmers. I think Vanessa Amarossi is the most interesting celebrity from Australia because she sang at the Olympics in the year 2000. I go to school with 32 students and of course my favorite subject is art! The last project I worked on was a picture of a ghost made from candle wax. After school, I go to practice for band, square dancing, and netball. I also make time to play with my friends. My favorite holiday place is the Durras North Beach Holiday Park because my family and I get to feed the birds and kangaroos at the beach and swim in the lagoon. If a foreign exchange student stayed with my family, I would serve him or her Vegemite (a sandwich spread), chicken dumplings with peas and sweet potatoes with sweet chili sauce.


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