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Art Gallery: Australia

Ashlee, Age 7
Yanchep District School
Yanchep, Australia

I live in a small coastal town in Australia that has a beautiful lagoon beach, natural bushes, and many native animals, such as kangaroos and emus. My family and I speak English at home, but I am also learning to speak Indonesian. One cool fact about my country is that it is an island. I like drawing and swimming in the lagoon, and I also play in a club called 'Little Athletics,' which involves running, javelin, and hurdles. We play for fun and sometimes compete with other clubs. My last school field trip was to an Ice Cream factory, where we learned how ice cream is made. If I could change one thing about my country, I would make it summer all the time because it is my favorite season. I like the summer because it is nice and hot and you can go to the beach every day.


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