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Art Gallery: China

Chen, Age 9
Chao Hu Road Primary School
He Fei City, Anhui Province, China

I live in an apartment with my family in the Anhui province, which is rich in rice, peanuts, and aquatic products. I speak Chinese, but I'm also studying English. At school, there are 54 students in my class. On my last school outing, we visited Qionghhai Park in He Fei. There are stone mountains and kiosks in the middle of the lake surrounded by trees. It's peaceful, and I enjoy the fresh air. The eve of the lunar New Year is a popular time for my family. We eat dinner and have a firecracker celebration. We also get together for Spring Festival, my favorite holiday. If you were to visit my country, I would take you to the Great Wall in Beijing and let you taste stuffed dumplings! If I could travel to another place, I would like to visit Harvard University in the USA.


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