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Art Gallery: China

Wehnan, Age 9
Beijing Anhua Area Elementary School
Beijing, China

I live in China's capital, Beijing. There are 13 million people in my city. The four seasons are very clear here. The city is full of trees: poplar, willow, elm, maple, and the Chinese parasol. There is a big plaza near my home. When the spring comes, it is full of peach flowers, really a very beautiful sight. In the summer, the children run around a colorful fountain and the adults go to social dances. One of the most important and interesting places in my country is the Great Wall of China. I speak Mandarin Chinese, but I can also speak a little English. My favorite holiday is June 1, Children's Day. I like to play soccer, and one day I'd like to go to Brazil, because I like their soccer team. My favorite sport is swimming. I swim for fun, which I prefer to competition. I love feeling just like a fish in the water, I feel very cool.


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