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Art Gallery: China

Yuqi, Age 8
GZ Huimin Primary School
Guangzhou, China

One of the most beautiful places in Guangzhou, China is the Bai Yun Mountain, which is close to my home. My father drives me to school everyday on his motorcycle, where I study in a class of 39 students. If someone my age were to visit China, I would tell them to visit the Great Wall, the Chen Clan Temple, and the Grape Valley. After school, I usually do my homework. I also enjoy drawing, reading comic books, dancing, watching television, and rope skipping with friends at school. My favorite holiday is Children's Day, which is a family outing celebrated in China on June 1st of every year. When I grow up, I would like to become a fashion designer or a painter. If I could travel to another country for a week, I would go to Japan and go shopping!


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