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Art Gallery: Philippines

Merry, Age 9
Urbiztondo Elementary School
San Juan, Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country made up of 7,107 islands rich with natural resources. The country is located on the 'Pacific Belt of Fire,' which is an area of active volcanoes that could erupt at any moment! The local wild animals I see most often are alligators. At home, I speak Ilocano and Tagalog, but I am also learning to speak English. My favorite subjects to study are math, English and of course, art! The last art project I worked on was a sketch I created using colorful crayons. I love sketching all the beautiful places I have seen. If an exchange student stayed with my family, I would serve him or her native delicacies like sinigang, a boiled soup dish made with a variety of sour ingredients, or pinakbet, a popular vegetable dish known all over my country.


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