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There are times when it seems no matter how many times you brush or how many mints you pop, your mouth just doesn’t feel fresh. In these cases, a 60-second rinse with powerful mouthwash after brushing can make all the difference – for up to 12 hours.


That’s where Colgate® Plax® Complete Care comes in. Its clinically proven formula provides 10 benefits with just one rinse. It protects your mouth from over 99% of mouth bacteria, prevents plaque build-up, strengthens your enamel and more, look no further. This is the complete package.

  • Provides 12 hour protection against bacteria and plaque
  • Kills over 99% of bacteria
  • Keeps healthy gums
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Gives long lasting fresh breath
  • No burning sensation
  • Clinically Tested by Dentists