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Art Gallery: Philippines

Christine, Age 8
Iba Central Elementary School
Zambales, Philippines

My hometown looks similar to other rural places in our country. Houses are made of wood and concrete. Animals such as carabaos (water buffalo), cows, and dogs are usually seen around. The beaches here are beautiful, and are places one can be very proud of. I love to sketch and draw, and I think I might want to be a cartoonist when I grow up. I also love to read fairy tales and children's magazines. I ride my bike or walk to school, where I like to study math, English and Filipino, history, and civics. If someone from another country came to visit, I would certainly serve him or her our native delicacy, pinkabet. My mother always prepares this meal for visitors. I would also take him or her to see the crater of Mt. Pinatubo, to experience the wonder of this volcano.


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